The promise of tomorrow begins today
Join us.  You'll see.
Kathy and I consider November 13, 2005, the first time we visited Clark Summit
Alpacas, to be one of the luckiest days of our lives.  Throughout the fall of that
year, we spent time educating ourselves about the animals that had captured
our hearts, visiting and exploring different farms in the area.  What we
discovered at Clark Summit Alpacas was an example of the alpaca farming
operation we envisioned for ourselves.  
It was also where I fell in love with my
very first alpaca, a two month old cria
named Sophie.
Foggy Bottom Ranch, continued...
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When Kathy and I expressed an interest in buying Sophie and
Grace, They worked closely with us on establishing a
fair price and agisted the girls until we were ready to bring them
to their new home.  They made sure we understood
the contracts before we signed anything.  After the purchase
was completed, they taught us as much as we were willing to

They invited us to attend herd health days for shots and
toenails, we happily assisted on shearing days and they
showed us how to properly halter and lead an alpaca.  We
even spent time practicing with them for the show ring.  They
walked us through the steps of show preparation, including the
paperwork of entering and the necessary testing
and health exam.  When it came time to breed Sophie and Grace, Kathy and I were invited to attend these
important events as well.

At one point, Sophie got sick after returning from a show; Clark Summit Alpacas informed us of and
included us in every healthcare decision.  We find them regularly available and willing to answer any
questions we have and, believe me, we still have questions!  Gratefully, they will also admit to not knowing
an answer - when this occurs, they either seek out an answer or help point us in the right direction to
finding it ourselves.

When the time came for the alpacas to journey to their newly built home at Foggy Bottom Ranch Alpacas,
we had a last minute emergency – the well had dried up!  They kindly changed their plans and kept the
girls longer until we were able to get the new well up and running.  Because of their flexibility and
kindness, they made our emergency into an easily managed speed bump.  Interactions with Clark Summit
have been straightforward and pleasant, including the subsequent trips by them to Foggy Bottom Ranch
for breedings and re-breedings.  

We are very appreciative of the seminars their group puts on.  Kathy and I are both active participants
and have learned so much.  Clark Summit Alpacas has also functioned as a collection center for alpaca
fiber en route to the mills, taking an active role in the advancement of the fiber end of our industry.  As an
introduction for people unaware of the alpaca industry, they have even
produced a game about alpacas!

We cannot think of one reason not to work with Clark Summit Alpacas.  Not a single one.


Tracey A. Upton
Kathy Parsons
Foggy Bottom Ranch Alpacas, LLC      
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Tracey and Sophie