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Alpacas are easier to raise
and require less acreage
than most other livestock.
The promise of tomorrow begins today
Join us.  You'll see.
Alpacas produce 4-6
pounds of fiber each year.
Alpacas are easy to love
and will bring you a lifetime
of enjoyment!
What would you attempt
to do if you knew you

could not fail
Clark Summit Alpacas in Deering NH
Did you know?
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Raising alpacas doesn't have to be out of your reach.  Occasionally we have alpacas up for
adoption.  Please
contact us to learn more.
Mentoring programs available!
Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable with your new alpacas -
before, during, and after your purchase.
A word from one of our clients...
There are several reasons we would recommend Clark Summit Alpacas as a superior alpaca
breeder.  First and foremost, one is immediately attracted to their honesty and their caring
natures.  They take part in no actions – selling or breeding – that are not in the best interest of
both the alpacas and humans involved.    

Secondly, Kathy and I have not seen a healthier or calmer herd.  Each Clark Summit animal gives
off the impression of being happy and trusting. All come from good bloodlines and are multiple
ribbon winners at high-level shows."    
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                                                                                            - Tracey Upton & Kathy Parsons   
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