Clark Summit, named after our great uncle, Clark Vandersall Poling, is located
on top of Wolf Hill in New Hampshire.
The summit of Wolf Hill is a beautiful place to visit both during the climb and upon arrival.
Clark thought this was a peaceful place and would often go there to reflect on big
decisions in his life. In fact, it was at Wolf Hill’s summit that Clark decided to become a
minister – a career that later called him to become a Chaplain in WWII where he lost his
life to save others during the sinking of the USAT Dorchester.
On February 3, 1943 the German submarine U-223 fired deadly torpedoes at the USAT
Dorchester which was carrying 902 servicemen, merchant seamen and civilian workers
to an American base in Greenland. In less than 30 minutes, the Dorchester sank
beneath the sea.

According to those who survived, four Army Chaplains brought hope during this time of
despair: George Fox, Methodist; Alexander Goode, Jewish; John Washington, Catholic;
and Clark Poling, Dutch Reformed.

The four Chaplains handed out life jackets and when there were no more, gave their
own. As the ship went down, the Chaplains were last seen with their arms linked and
braced against the slanting deck offering prayers for all…

Source: The Chapel of Four Chaplains (
The four Chaplains were awarded posthumously the Distinguished Service Cross, the
Purple Heart, and a Special Medal for Heroism. And here, in New Hampshire, Wolf Hill’s
summit was named “Clark’s Summit”.
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Portrait of the Four Chaplains
Clark Poling is the third one in from the left
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